The Trouble with Trolls on Twitter

Dear Twitter,

Hi. I’m @mediaghosts, also Firenza Mavinelli in Second Life. But I digress.

In Star Trek episode season 2, number 15, the Enterprise is overrun by Tribbles , a fast-multiplying creature.
In Star Trek episode season 2, number 15, the Enterprise is overrun by Tribbles , a fast-multiplying creature.

I hear you have a problem with trolls. I wonder if this is like the trouble with Tribbles on that Star Trek episode, where the furry things just kept piling up. Except in your case, it is the trolls piling on, attacking individuals, their reputations, their livelihoods and yes, even their lives. These tribble-like trolls (except not half as cute) send their hateful bots and nasty vile to squat on my voice. And destroy your network.

But I digress.

You admit you have a problem. A very big problem and one that you freely admit that you cannot solve.

That’s right. You can’t solve this problem. This IS the human condition. What you see/we see is just a projection of the human condition that has existed since we have existed – jealousy, bigotry, racism, sexism, misogeny…and the list goes on.

But I digress.

Because there’s no way to stop a troll, because the troll is us. They/we are an digital expression of the human condition, something we have not the will to discard — like #stopwar.

But I digress.

Because we do have another option that seeks to create a hedge of protection around victims of online bullying…at the site of attack called TrollBusters. By entering a URL where cyberbullying is occurring, the individual signals their S.O.S. team. The team floods the stream with positive messaging and endorsements…fighting hate with love.

In addition, we work to identify “troll nests” using natural language processing to track trolls back to prior activity and patterns of behavior. Then we swoop again, to help others being attacked in those troll nests….because….Well, because we thought it could be different here. We want it to be different here.

Are you thinking about something like this??? Maybe you are working on something like this. Maybe you’ll let us test it in beta. Please send me an invite when it comes out.

In the meanwhile, maybe we can build something where we stand by each other, because frankly that’s all we can do in this network given your inaction.

Stand by me. Stand by us. Help us build something that might, just might, shine a light into darkness…#trollbusters.


The Trouble with Trolls on Twitter

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