The Wonderful CMS of Oz…Off to find some wizards

CharlotteAnne of NowCastSA of San Antonio posted a great piece on what she’s looking for in an online community content management system on “Choosing the digital printing press.” CharlotteAnne says:

So instead of starting by looking at the “stuff” that’s going into the box, we get to think first about people and community and function. We can choose a CMS by how well it can help users, consumers and content creators build our online community.”

Not that either of us has found one yet that suits our needs, but she dreams big about what she’s looking for in discreet, manageable chunks for those developer friends among us. Her list, bulleted (see her post for the details):

  • Flexibility
  • Friendly
  • Social
  • Comments=Co-Authors
  • Wikis
  • Email/RSS/SMS
  • Blogs
  • Widget Embeds
  • Taxonomy
  • Who/What/When Calendar
  • Touchy Feely
  • Bilingual

Do we still have any developer friends after this list? Then take a look at CharlotteAnne’s post cause we’re headed to Emerald City. And there are enough of us out here traveling this yellow brick road to make building such a robust CMS thing realistic…and yes, profitable. Any takers?


The Wonderful CMS of Oz…Off to find some wizards